Sunday, March 8, 2009


I had not heard of this movie until yesterday, and I watched it today with Summer. It is a must-see, and I would recommend this to anyone in a relationship or who wants to be in one. Heather, you should definitely see this.

This movie is a great example of what happens all to often to people today...relationships are tough, and when the tough gets going people these days seem more likely to run seperate ways and leave their problems rather than address them and work on them together to improve. People forget why they got married in the first place (and I have known a few couples like this) and they just give up rather than examine what they have and try to repair and build up their relationships and make them better than before.

I am so glad I watched this movie. It makes you think and certainly encourages alot of Christian values, but even without that aspect of the movie, the lessons learned here are great ones.

I have always been a Kirk Cameron fan (he's so hot in this movie), and he was wonderful in this movie. He brought me to tears more than once. He cries so well. The other actors in the movie might not have been up to par, but they all had their good moments and did their job. I didn't expect any Oscar-winning performances, but the movie was enjoyable and satisfactory overall.

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