Monday, August 31, 2009

New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer

SPOILERS - I'm just yacking about the books overall so don't read this if you don't want to know what happens.

I finally finished the 4th book last night. I liked the story early on a lot better than as it got farther into it. Bella got kind of annoying after a while. THEY BOTH LOVE YOU WOMAN! What the heck?! How many times does someone have to tell her something before she'll believe it? I felt bad for her situation. Tough call.

I loved all the characters, and I liked how they all worked together in the end.

I thought the whole Reneeseme (sp?) part in the 4th book was pretty messed up, and I could have done without all that. Yuck. I don't have kids so I probably can't relate, but once she had her daughter, Bella was so confused. I love Edward. I'll die if he dies. I love Nessie. I'll die if she dies. It would have been interesting if she would have had to choose between the two. There's another crazy decision to make. At least in the beginning, she always knew she would choose Edward. The other ideas could have worked and could have made her happy, but there wasn't even a decision to be made. I suppose it worked out that Jacob imprinted on her and wrapped it up really nicely for a happy ending, but it was just kind of strange. I hope that the little girl grew up more, and he wasn't stuck diggin' on the little one for the rest of his life.


Another weird movie. What the heck? I'm on a strange streak or something. This one was really slow and awkward. Kid wanted to go to an ivy league school, but his dad last his job so the kid has to get a job at a theme park to get money. Cute nerdy kid, but now that I'm writing about it, I can't even remember what happened. I just remember I didn't like it all that much. Don't bother with it.

Sunshine Cleaning

This movie was pretty slow and kind of strange. I was disappointed, but I like all the actors. Amy Adams, that girl from Dan In Real Life that his brother ends up with and the old guy. They're all great, but the story was just weird. Amy Adam's character is trying to make some more money so she gets a job cleaning up after people die or kill themselves. Gross! It has funny parts and it ends well, but overall it's just sad. I'll stick to the happy movies.

Inglorious Basterds

Josh's movie choice after he was practically forced to watch Nights in Rodanthe while we were on vacation. I was worried based on the previews, but it ended up not being too gross. I just shut my eyes on the scalping people and beating people with baseball bats parts. Yuck. Guns I can handle, but knives cutting people...yuck. The story was good, and I liked the characters. Definitely a guy movie. Brad Pitt's accent didn't bother me nearly as much as I thought it would, and he surprisingly had no love interest in the film. That I remember. Good one to check out if you're into that sort of movie.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Bucket List

I saw this the other night on TV. I thought it was going to be just a bunch of hilarious adventures, but there was a great deal of sadness in this movie, too. I really enjoyed the trips and the experiences that Carter and Ed shared together, and I especially liked the "Chock Full of Nuts" thing. That was really sweet. I didn't think I would do it, but I cried at the end. For the past few years, I have made lists of things to do before each year before my next birthday, and now I kind of want to make a bucket list for my life.

Good for a rental.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Okay. I take back all the nasty comments I had about series books, and this just being a "teen" fad. I decided to read this b/c a lady at work brought it to me singing its praises. Her other recommendations have been good so I cautiously started the first few pages. Now I'm totally hooked. I finished the entire book in 3 or 4 days. Now I want the next one. Smart writer...

It's so good! You have to read at least a few chapters, and then you'll understand. It's simple but really deep at the same time. Real love and real danger all mixed together. Who knew vampires could be so sexy? Geez. The whole book is like a tease. Just talk to her already. Just make out with her already. Just change her already. I think I like it b/c it's so dramatic.

I'm ready for the next books. And I apologize to anyone I made fun of for reading it. :o)

A Year In Provence

For a short book, this took me forever to read. Another book about another country where they talk about food almost the whole book. It's good, and it's descriptive. But just not that exciting. I guess I'm a story girl, and I like for something to actually happen in the book. Need some conflict to make it good. Or some hidden meaning. Hidden meanings and conflict..conflict that is resolved. That's my type of book.

Sorry for the ramble. This book was great as far as giving you a feel for a place which I imagine was the idea. Made me want to hunt down all these little restaurants and see if they actually exist. Yum! Or made me want to live a year in Provence. Seems like an interesting group of folks.

I recommend this if you want to experience Provence from the mind of an outsider trying to understand how to live like an insider.