Monday, August 31, 2009

New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer

SPOILERS - I'm just yacking about the books overall so don't read this if you don't want to know what happens.

I finally finished the 4th book last night. I liked the story early on a lot better than as it got farther into it. Bella got kind of annoying after a while. THEY BOTH LOVE YOU WOMAN! What the heck?! How many times does someone have to tell her something before she'll believe it? I felt bad for her situation. Tough call.

I loved all the characters, and I liked how they all worked together in the end.

I thought the whole Reneeseme (sp?) part in the 4th book was pretty messed up, and I could have done without all that. Yuck. I don't have kids so I probably can't relate, but once she had her daughter, Bella was so confused. I love Edward. I'll die if he dies. I love Nessie. I'll die if she dies. It would have been interesting if she would have had to choose between the two. There's another crazy decision to make. At least in the beginning, she always knew she would choose Edward. The other ideas could have worked and could have made her happy, but there wasn't even a decision to be made. I suppose it worked out that Jacob imprinted on her and wrapped it up really nicely for a happy ending, but it was just kind of strange. I hope that the little girl grew up more, and he wasn't stuck diggin' on the little one for the rest of his life.


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I still haven't read book #4. I read books 1-3 back to back and got burned out. Bella does get annoying after awhile.

Anonymous said...

I just think Dang I want a vampire and werewolf to fight over me ... and two really, really cute ones at that.

Angel said...

I just started book 1, and I'm on chapter 4. It's simple, but it's good. I like Edward more than Jacob right now. That may change as the books go on.

Angel said...

Ok. I'm in the middle of New Moon...put it down for a while because it was boring and Bella was all whiny. It's getting better now that Bella is about to find out about Jacob's secret, and she's still whiny...but I've accepted it. Hopefully I can finish this soon. I've been reading a few chapters every day, and the story is moving faster now. Then I want to finish the third book before the movie comes out on 6/30/10. I can't believe I've gotten into this series the way I have, but it's all in good fun.