Monday, July 28, 2008

The Hottie & The Nottie

My cousin made me watch this with her. It was supposed to be really funny and sweet. It was sort of funny in places, pretty gross in others, and it was kind of sweet at the end. Very, very, very predictable. I knew what was going to happen even before watching the movie.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Ruins

A disgusting and disturbing waste of my time. What made me want to watch this?!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Breaker's Reef (Cape Refuge Series #4) by Terri Blackstock

So good! This is the last book in the series, but it's the first one I've read. I kind of wish I had started with the first book, but it was a loaner so I took what I got.

Great murder mystery that keeps you guessing till the end with lots of twists and cliff hangers. I loved that it took place in Cape Refuge and Tybee Island because they sound like such cool places. I always love stories with settings near the ocean, though.

Blackstock weaves passages about redemption and God's love into the story really well, and I don't feel like she was pushing religion on me. I like the way her characters have so much heart and hope for others. They just make you feel good. And Blackstock writes everything so clearly, too, so you can visualize the character's motions and emotions and what's going on just like a movie.

This is totally random, but I have to add that I think Cade, the Chief of Police, sounds like a total hunk! Teehee!

I want to read the rest of the series now. You should, too! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

Angela always wanted me to watch this when we were younger, and I never wanted to b/c it looked boring to me. It was either this one or some other period piece. I can't remember now, but...anyways. It wasn't boring at all. Love the lines. In these movies from Jane Austen's books, you work so hard to get to that one line. They go through all this craziness about whether or not he loves her. Whether he'll marry her or not even if he does love her b/c she's poor. Then he's engaged. The whole time she's trying to be so good and realistic about it. I love at the end when she finds out he's not married, and she freaks out crying. She doesn't care to be proper any more, she's so overwhelmed. And then his lines about his heart being hers. Love it! Hugh Grant cracks me up b/c he's just so dopey looking, but you gotta love all his characters. He looks like our neighbor up the street who's so not like that, but I just can't help myself. Every time I see him I think of our neighbor.

Watch this movie ladies! You won't regret it! :o)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Over Her Dead Body

Kind of humorous but predictable yet again. I didn't really feel the connection between Paul Rudd's and Eva Longoria's characters while she was alive since she was killed in the first five minutes, so it was hard for me to care about her feelings for their relationship. The comedy was so-so. I really can't say that much about it. I was entertained, but I would recommend renting only.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Where Are You Now? - Mary Higgins Clark

This wasn't MHC's best, but it wasn't horrible. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed because the mystery was good, but there was an overload of characters and more police work than I usually care to read didn't add to the strength of the story for me.

Also, I didn't feel the connection between Carolyn and her missing brother, Mack. She talked about him a lot, but it seemed to be just that - talk. I didn't feel sad at the end the way I'm sure MHC intended her readers to feel. It was an OK ending, and the epilogue certainly wrapped things up nicely, but it lacked a lot for me to be able to call this a satisfying read.