Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reign Over Me

Great movie. The story of two friends, both struggling to reconnect with life in their own way. Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle) is a dentist who runs into his old college roommate, Charlie Fineman (Adam Sandler), one day, and they start hanging out again. Alan can't quite connect with Charlie emotionally because Charlie is still kind of grieving over the loss of his wife and children who died in one of the 9/11 plane crashes years earlier. Alan also struggles with his relationship with his wife (Jada Pinkett-Smith) during the movie. The characters all go through some tough, odd moments and hilarious ones as well. I cried, of course, and I laughed a lot, too. Adam Sandler was perfect as Charlie, and Don Cheadle definitely earned points with me. I never really liked him until seeing this film. Saffron Burrows and Liv Tyler are in this, also, and I think they rounded off the cast nicely. I very much enjoyed this emotional roller coaster of a movie. And this is random, but I especially love the fact that Charlie got around on a scooter. I want one now.

I avoided this film for a long time because I didn't think I'd like it, but I love it. I like how this movie shows that sometimes people can't be pushed into a place of healing...sometimes they just need time and understanding to find their own way. Highly recommended.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear John (Audiobook) - Nicholas Sparks

An army soldier has to chose between giving himself completely to the love of his life or risking that love to serve his country during one of its greatest times in need - 9/11.

This is a bittersweet story about true love and sacrifice in more ways than one. The worst struggles that John goes through are not only during his time of active duty. I can't imagine having a relationship with someone who wasn't there for 98% of the time during it.

I love that the main characters wrote letters, and the moon gazing tradition was a beautiful sentiment that brought me to tears. This is definitely a sadder love story, and I only recommend it to those who know life isn't all about perfect happy endings.

Monday, December 22, 2008

House Bunny

Pretty stupid, but what did you expect? Really. It's cute and has a good message. There are some pretty funny parts. Worth a rental if you're bored and like stupid movies as much as I do.

The Man Who Knew Too Little

AMAZING older movie! I love Bill Murray in this. Funny funny! It's old so it's cheap. Rent it next time you're out. It's about this guy who goes to visit his brother in England, and he's goofy so they want him out of the house for the night. They sign him up for this murder mystery evening, but some how he gets involved in a real murder. It's kind of Pink Panther-ish. He's trying really hard to act tough so he keeps scaring all these real criminals. His cluelessness is so funny.

Check it out!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Four Christmases

I love Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn together. They had such good chemistry on screen, and they are just so cute as a couple since she's so short and he's so tall. This movie was funny right from the start with the opening club scene. And I love how happy the two main characters are together. So sweet. A good movie about growing and changing in love. My favorite part was where Vince Vaughn plays Joseph in the church Christmas play and just takes over the whole play and basically becomes like a superstar in a matter of minutes to the church audience. Hilarious!

I laughed so hard through this entire movie, and it kind of helped to get me in the Christmas spirit. Definitely worth the price I paid to see it on the big screen. I think I'll be buying this when it gets released on DVD. Go see it!

Fatal Attraction

I finally saw this movie for the first time the other day. Um, that bitch was crazy! Dan was stupid for cheating on his wife. I couldn't believe how easily he made the decision to be unfaithful. This movie would definitely stop me from cheating if I was somebody's husband. Good movie, but I could have gone without seeing Glenn Close's pale, saggy boobs and tan lines.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Shack (Audiobook) - William P. Young

This was recommended to me by a close friend (Thanks, Donna.), and I'm glad I listened to the story. I was worried that this might be another cookie cutter religious healing type of story, but it wasn't. In fact, it was completely different than what I expected. The story doesn't stake a claim with any particular religion or group or organization. It's simply the story of a man, Mack, and his relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I felt like I was witnessing an extremely powerful account of a familiar journey that most of us have taken part in on our paths with God. This story may not resemble every person's life, but I think parts of it are easily identified with by most. Mack could be anyone. And I think that is what makes this story so special. The events and the explanations about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit make a lot of sense and really moved me. It's like the author was answering my own questions that I have about my own faith and relationship with God, and I was so surprised by that fact. I'm not saying that I truly understand everything now or that I completely agree with everything in this book, but I do feel more open and desirous of a deeper relationship with God than the one I have had with Him up to this point. I'm happy about that.

I think the part of the story that struck me most was the discussion about the Ten Commandments and how they weren't really rules for us to live by but more of a mirror for us to see what we have become. That whole section on independence from God, using rules and laws to justify our own passing of judgement on others, and on returning back to God - all that was incredibly mind-blowing to me. I loved it!

And I loved all the quotes at the beginning of each section, and one of my favorites was included in this book; "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal." - Author unknown

I could go on and on about this, but I'll stop. I'm so glad I bought this book.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Writing Class - By Jincy Willett

I saw this book sitting on one of the tables at Hastings, and it caught my eye. I wrote it down in my little book of stuff to remember and buy cheaper off the internet later when I have some cash. I found it at McKay's (or Mr.K's if you're Patti and from Oak Ridge). Luckily Angela wanted to read it it's December's book. I started a bit early b/c I've been on a reading kick lately.

I liked it! I had no idea who did it until near the end. There was only a few sentences that gave it away for me. Way to hide it Jincy! Made me want to take a creative writing class but without the whole murder part. I liked how the author wrote short stories from different writers. I've never sat and tried to write like someone else, and I wonder..if someone were to try and write like me, how would they write?

Pick this book up if you like mysteries, writing and don't mind a longer book. Takes a while to read, but it keeps moving. You're never bored. I definitely spent half my Thanksgiving holiday reading this.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Reaping

Creepy! All the plagues looked pretty realistic, and the story was good. I thought the twist made sense and really surprised me. This movie is definitely worth watching if you want to get a good spook or jump and be freaked out by religious prophecy. Hilary Swank was good, and I think AnnaSophia Robb is really making her way in the world of acting. She's definitely a child star on the rise. And this movie is creepy and freaky, but I was able to sleep just fine after watching it. It ends well. Recommended.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

The plot was lame, but the 3D effects were crazy cool. I didn't like the weird coloring, but I guess the 3D thing isn't perfect yet. It kind of hurt my eyes. Brendan Fraser's acting seems to be getting worse as he gets older. His acting was OK at best. The whole father/son angle that was thrown into the movie was kind of unnecessary in my opinion. And the movie lacked content. I thought it would be a lot longer with more obstacles for the characters to face. I know the whole movie is just one big fictional adventure, and it is all about family fun....I just didn't care for it in the end.

Feast of Love

Definitely powerful, but this wasn't my cup of tea. I thought the trials of romance and love in this movie were realistic, but the film was a bit choppy and the philosophical moments were too many for my taste. The acting was great (Morgan Freeman was wonderful as usual), and the sex scenes were plenty...maybe too much for some viewers (they should have called it feast of flesh). I liked the setting being in Oregon. I'd give this a 3 out of 5 rating. I don't think I'd buy or watch it again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sam's Letters to Jennifer (Audiobook) - James Patterson

Very emotional and heartbreaking. This was such a good listen. James Patterson really knows how to write the sentimental sappy stuff. I cried a lot, and I laughed a little. Anne Heche did a great read as Jennifer. She put a great amount of emotion into her narrating. She made it easy to picture the whole book in my head like a movie.

Jennifer's relationship with Sam was a very close one, and I kind of wish I had that with a grandparent. Sam is the type of grandmother I would like to be when I am older...except without the adultery and secrecy. When her lover was revealed at the end, I was totally surprised. It was a very good twist.

I will definitely listen to this again. I'm so glad I bought it. I wish there was a movie of this book. I hope one gets made soon.

The Pleasure of My Company - Steve Martin

Angela's choice for November was pretty good. It was a fast read and kept me interested. The main guy Daniel is strange and sweet at the same time. I liked how he worked through his issues and how he needed more important stuff in his life to distract him from the craziness. It was almost like he bored himself in to being crazy. My favorite quote from the book was on page 58. "When an endeavor is special in a person's life, others discern it intuitively and appreciate it more, like the praise a child receives for a lumpy clay sculpture." Makes me think that you should put all you have in to the things you really care about and even if it turns out not so great, others will realize that it was important to you and will understand. Nice thought.

Good book - even though I still think Steve Martin writes books that are a

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saw IV

Well John does it again, but this time he's already dead when the movie starts. The first scene opens with his autopsy and a tape found in his stomach. You think it's just the beginning. This series is so consistent. Rigg, the last SWAT member of the original police team, is the main player this time around, and all he has to do is let things happen. He has to learn to let people save themselves instead of trying to be the hero all the time. It appears that his main objective is to find detective Matthews who was captured in the second film. The ending is crazy and twisted, and, of course, the gag factor is high on the charts, but the movie's ending (as with all the other Saw movies) totally pulls a fast one on you and leaves you shaking your head and wondering what will happen next. This series is crazy but addictive in a sick way. I can't believe I want to see the next one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Summer's got me on a Saw movie kick. More chills and stupid pig face appearances. Seriously, though, this one kind of pissed me off. The guy who gets tested in this movie was a total jerk, and I understand he had every right to want to exact revenge on all of the other test subjects but, seriously, how could one person be so full of hate? Who could stand to watch people die in the ways the people in this film died? ...and not try to help till it's too late to help at all? Especially the guy in the last contraption. It was the worst of all....Eeeewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Jigsaw is dying, but he's actually still going now thanks to one of the game players in this movie. The second test in this movie (the main objective of this movie) was the best, and I didn't see it coming as part of the conclusion. Jigsaw knows how to play people, and it's so twisted. And the third test in this flick starts us off on the road to Saw IV I'm sure.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Saw II

This Saw movie was even more messed up than the first. It truly is a game with Jigsaw every time, but this time around he has an accomplice doing his dirty work. I never could have guessed who it was Jigsaw chose, and I was completely fooled at the end when that person was revealed. The endings really make the movies in this series, and they trick you every time.

The game was more elaborate with eight people involved this go round, and some of them were seriously ridiculous and crazy. If people in these movies would follow instructions and play by the rules, they might actually have a chance at winning and continuing to live. The ending was really something as you see the true connection to Saw I, and it's amazing how the whole thing is so consistent with the first film. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I actually liked this movie...aside from the chills I got while watching it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eagle Eye

'You've been activated....if you want to live, you will obey.' Another Big Brother scenario comin' at ya again...this movie was crazy! The technology versus man thing never gets old. Even though the plot of this movie seems far-fetched, it makes you wonder about what our own military could be concocting behind closed doors.

Shia LaBeouf keeps getting hotter and hotter with each new movie. I freaking love seeing him in action flicks. He's so good at being intense and being hot! There were a few tiny holes in the plot that are easily forgettable because it's so good and, hello, it's just a movie. The beginning was kind of unclear, but it made sense after the first hour and a half when that part of the plot was finally explained. The special effects were great, the plot was pretty decent and the action and tension was non-stop. A thrill ride for sure. I would recommend this to sci-fi and action buffs.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Another good Bond movie. So glad they made him tougher. I like Daniel Craig so much more than the last few Bonds. He's way better. I even kind of like the girls in these latest ones. They actually do something other than just sleep with him. Good action. Good story. I liked this one better than Casino Royale b/c there weren't long drawn out poker scenes. No swimming trunks shots though...Boo! The villians in these last two have had REALLY creepy eyes and stares. Yuck! Freakin' me out. Glad I'm not a spy. It would stress me out to have to decide day to day who I could trust.

Check it out!

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

This book was amazing! It was recommended to me by a co-worker, and I'm so happy I read it. Being a former clown, I'm partial to circuses and such things. Some parts were pretty messed up, but I imagine that's how it was during the depression. You get to see the darker side of the circus. I loved the story, and I was interested the entire time. It read really fast and had great characters. I want an elephant! It had good twists and funny moments. I was surprised to find that many of the events were "true" or at least circus legend from the past all mixed in together. That's cool.

Yeah Sara Gruen!

The Mist

Definitely a good monster flick. Very suspenseful and creepy. It's military science gone horribly wrong, or is it really the end of days? You'll think so when you see creatures from another world terrorize the characters in this movie. I would freak out if something happened to me like it did to the people trapped by the mist and what was waiting for them in it. Of course, there are certain monsters lurking inside the store beyond the mist as well....they might even be scarier to some.

The acting could have been better, but the special effects were outstanding, and the blurb on the front cover of the DVD box says this movie has one of the most shocking endings....I don't think it's shocking, I think it's twisted and awful. I still enjoyed the movie, though.

There is a black and white version available, and it is supposed to make the movie even more intense and entertaining as it's like a throwback to the early horror flicks and monster movies. I think I'd like this a lot better in black and white.

The Secret Life of Bees

I haven't read the book yet, but I am definitely going to now. I loved this movie. Definitely going to buy this when it comes out on DVD. Dakota Fanning was amazing as Lily. That little girl can seriously make me cry. She is such a talented young actress. Queen Latifah is perfect as August, and the rest of the cast was amazing as well. This is a beautiful story about family, faith, forgiveness and love, and if you are looking for something to touch your heart and inspire you then this flick is the one to see.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Inside Man

Brilliant bank heist. I love Clive Owen, and he was the reason I watched this movie. He's so sexy. The robbery was great, and I love the way the criminals executed all the details. It took some incredible planning, and I would have to award them for being the most creative bank robbers I've ever seen (if it were real). Denzel was in this movie, and, like I said in the not-so-distant past, I'm not a huge fan of his anymore....this movie kind of brought me back to him, though, and I'm starting to like him again little by little. Christopher Plummer and Jodie Foster were excellent supporting characters. I hope to see more Jodie movies in 2009. Good movie overall. Rent it and then decide if you want to buy.

License to Wed

It was cute at best. Very predictable. Funny. A sweet romantic comedy. Sometimes I thought that Mandy Moore's character, Sadie, was a bit too high maintenance and seemed to pull away from Ben (John Krasinski) too much. There were a few moments when I thought there was no way the two would actually still end up together because something about their chemistry was slightly off in my opinion.

Robin Williams, he did what he does best as usual. The child sidekick he had was a bit unusual, though.

A chick flick all around, but I would strongly recommend just renting this and not buying.

I love John Krasinksi. I'm so glad he's doing movies now. He's so nerdy hot!

Oh yeah...I loved the couple's apartment in this movie. It was nice and modern yet comfy and welcoming and really lived-in. I can't help that I notice that stuff. I really liked their furniture.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I never thought I would watch this movie, but our friend, Summer, convinced me that it was worth seeing. So I agreed to watch it after she bought it, and I was actually surprised at how much the film was not what I expected. There is actually a decent story behind the big game that is played with the characters' lives, and it's not as disgusting as I thought it would be. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Cary Elwes as one of the main characters.

This is a pyschological thriller, and it's actually a good one. Yep, I said it was good. It's super freaky at times, and it gets really intense. The weird pig mask was totally scary, and I could have gone without seeing it. The special effects are too realistic in this movie, it's crazy. The ending is what gets you and hooks you to the movie and keeps you thinking about it for a while after its over. It is so messed up, and I just wanted to kick myself for not having figured out what would happen at the end. It was there the whole time, and I knew it but didn't. Seriously messed up. This movie is so messed up that it makes you want to watch it again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

After the Wedding

I really enjoy foreign films...this was my first Danish pick. This movie is about an aid worker named Jacob, played by Mads Mikkelsen (love him), who has to go back to his home country of Denmark (a place he doesn't wish to return to) to meet a potential benefactor. Jacob needs to obtain funding for the orphanage he helps to run in India. After meeting this potetial benefactor, named Jorgen, both men's lives are changed forever and in a way that neither of them could have predicted. There are some very good twists. This is so different from any movie I have seen before. I couldn't predict what would happen, and I liked that. Too many movies are so easy to read these days, and this one kept me guessing about the characters and the ending. I don't want to reveal too much about the movie because it's very good, and the emotional drama will reel you in and keep you there till it's over. See it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Smart

I used to watch this show on Nick at Nite with my dad, and this movie brought back all the memories. Steve Carell was a great choice for Maxwell Smart, and Anne Hathaway is stunning as Agent 99. I was pleasantly surprised at the good chemistry between the two, and I love all their witty banter. I also love Dwayne Johnson so it was nice to see him starring as Agent 23. He's really good with the facial expressions and has great comedic timing. I'm so glad he's more of a regular actor now and not just an acting wrestler. And Alan Arkin is hilarious as the chief. He's an old favorite.

The plot was interesting, the jokes were laugh-out-loud funy, the special effects were good, and I liked all the technology/gadgets. My favorite scene was the little dance competition between Max and Agent 99, and I cracked up at Agent 23's constant bullying of his two fellow goofball field agents. I watched this three times, and every time I cracked up. Definitely worth renting, buying, etc.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nanny McPhee

What you need is Nanny McPhee!...for a fun-filled, family flick. I watched this on TV today, and I really liked it. It's very colorful and comical and British. And I'm a huge Colin Firth fan as well as a big fan of Emma Thompson so I had to see it. Kelly Macdonald also had a small but key role, and she is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, too.

Cute but naughty children need shaping up? Nanny McPhee is just the woman for the job with her magical walking stick, snaggle-tooth, warts and unibrow. There are lessons learned and loves lost and found in this entertaining movie with it's Happily-Ever-After ending.

I'm glad I watched it. Recommended to all ages.

Lost Colony

In the 1500s, colonists on Roanoke Island disappear without a trace. No one knows what happens to them until 6 months later when new colonists (bad actors who can't pull off English accents in a period film to save their lives) come to the island from England and discover everyone missing. Perhaps the previous colonists simply joined other colonies or moved on since there wasn't really evidence of a struggle or bloodshed, but no one really knows what happened to this day. This movie leads you to believe that the previous colonists and the new ones were supposedly haunted by (horribly made CGI) viking ghosts. The new colonists can't leave the island because their ship has gone back to England for supplies, and the Indians across the way from the haunted island won't help the colony because they apparently know better.

My sister and some friends and I rented this for a scary movie girls' night. The movie started out somewhat promising. I usually get freaked out by historical mysteries like these, but, even though this movie was a bit scary at first, it lost steam pretty quickly. The plot wasn't completely horrible, but it sucked overall. I fell asleep on and off during the last half, but I didn't miss much I'm sure. The ending was confusing and much like the rest of the movie, it left much to be desired. Major thumbs down. To quote a fellow Amazon member, Jason Elin, from his review of this movie, "...I suspect the earliest colonists had a sneak peak at this movie's premiere, and the end result was mass-suicide."

Friday, November 7, 2008

Deja Vu

I wasn't disappointed in this sci-fi action flick, but there are holes in the story. Of course, that is to be expected in movies that involve time travel. I thought the plot was decent with the bomb and the murders, and it was interesting to see how agent Carlin actually caused things that he tried to prevent from happening to happen with his time travel related stunts. The end result was the same in most of the situations he tried to change. This reminded me of the book Heather and I read for September, The Time Traveler's Wife, and how Henry, the main character, said that he could go back in time but wouldn't do anything to try and change the future because what was going to happen would happen regardless of what he did or didn't do. That book and this movie both suggest that there are predestined events set in place in life, and the future can't really be altered because things are constantly already happening in the now to lead to the same ultimate end result even before it has happened. Man, that is confusing. Time travel is tricky.

I said in most of the situations the end result was the same in the movie, but the ending is where things somehow miraculously do change so the future does finally alter...for the better, of course.

Overall, I was satisfied with this movie, but I think it could have used a better supporting cast and more of a mad, mad villain. Jim Caviezel delivers a villain who appears to be just quietly crazy in my opinion, and I think that brings the intensity of the movie down a notch.

Recommended for Denzel fans and for anyone who wants to try to wrap their head around the folding time/space thing.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Then She Found Me

A few laughs, a few tears and alot of heart. This movie is about half sad and half happy. It's definitely more of a chick flick, but I think single fathers might appreciate this, too. I rented it because I absolutely love Colin Firth, and I loved him in this movie...he did a very realistic portrayal of a single father on the edge of breaking while caring for two children all on his own. Helen Hunt was wonderful as the main character, April (and as director). She delivered her lines and paced her reactions so well. I am not at the baby fever stage yet of my life, but Hunt really drew me into her character's baby drama. I felt for her and cried when she cried. This is a very touching story. The ending was so sweet and not what I predicted.

Random note - Helen Hunt wasn't that believeable to me as being only 39 years old. I couldn't get over her droopy eyes and cheeks. I still think she's pretty, though, and she has kept her figure up very'll see much of it in this movie if you decide to watch.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - DVD

I rented this because it looked like a good old fashioned romantic love story, and I love Christina Applegate. Also, Johnathan Schaech is pretty hot in the smoldering sense. It was completely romantic and chick-flicky, and I really liked it. It's all about letting go of the past and letting yourself heal to move on in life and love.

The whole movie has kind of an overcast sadness but not in a really depressing way, and that's what made me want to watch till the end because I was sure it had to get better. It was light and humorous in several places...seeing the romance bloom between Suzanne and Matt was nice and sweet. I got attached to them as a couple.

I had a hard time accepting Matt's new love interest because of Matt and Suzanne's relationship, but in the last scene she redeems herself with the last line of the movie which was perfect, "It'll keep." That was the best choice of words for her in that scene. I haven't read the book so I don't know if that was what was said in the book, but it was the perfect ending. I do think the ending was kind of rushed, but it did suit the story.

Recommended for romantics everywhere, and if you read the book then see the movie. I've read reviews that say it's a pretty good version of the story brought to life. I'm going to read the book soon so I can compare.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Heather!!!

Enjoy your cake!
Love, Angel


I rented this to watch for Halloween. I figured I couldn't miss with a Stephen King thriller. The movie started off strong, and I was really feeling the whole evil hotel room vibe, but halfway through there was the whole fake out escape...I think it lasted too long to get me in the evil hotel room vibe once again when Mike is brought back to the room. And after the room ordeal was all over, the ending just left me shaking my head in disappointment. I really thought there would be a twist and he'd be back in the room for more endless messed up insanity trips. That would have been a good ending.

The freakiest thing about the movie = the weird dude in the green jacket with the messed up hair and the tool. That person was a seriously jacked up character that made me jump repeatedly. Oh, and the crusty dude in the air shaft was pretty scary, too.

John Cusack's acting was really good in this, and I liked seeing him in this more sensitive, vulnerable role. He's also aging well. Samuel L. Jackson - he is good at being bad and mysterious, but ever since Snakes on a Plane I can't help but laugh and remember that famous line he belted out. You know the one. If not, see my Snakes on a Plane post from 10/22/08. Ahahaha!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Grandma's Boy

An incredible waste of time. There might have been two funny jokes in this movie, but I don't remember what they are, and I don't really care either. I suppose this would be funny to people who get high all the time. That's the last time I let a Blockbuster boy pick out my free rewards rental. Yeah, it was a free pick, but I like to take advantage of the free thing and not waste it on crap like this movie. I should have known better.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Classic Indy Jones flick. You can really see Harrison Ford's age come out in this role, but he did an outstanding job anyway. I didn't expect his adventures to become alien-related, but anything's possible. I liked this one a whole lot, but Last Crusade is still my favorite. Shia LaBeouf is hot, but I didn't like his hair in this movie. It'd be neat if he got to carry on the Indiana Jones legend. Definitely a must see for Indiana Jones fans.

Nights in Rodanthe

I loved the book a whole lot more, but the movie is good on its own, too. The story was changed too much for my taste for it to be a good representation of the book.

I enjoyed seeing Diane Lane and Richard Gere together on screen. This is a very emotional film, and it starts out slow but builds quickly. Definitely a chick film, and I recommend this to any of you who like a good tragic love story.

I wish James Franco had a bigger role in the movie...that's my one real complaint.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playing for Pizza - John Grisham

Excellent book! Good pick, Angel. Actually made me want to watch football, and I kept wishing there was a movie version so I could see the plays. Is there a movie version? I liked all the characters and the story itself. I could have done without all the food descriptions. Those seemed to take up alot of space in the book, but I suppose he was just trying to get across the idea that food is very important in Italy. I might pass this book on to my football loving guy friend who doesn't read much. He'd probably like it.

What's our book for November??

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mama's Boy

Great movie! I love that guy from Napoleon Dynamite. He's so funny to me. This movie is really cute, and Diane Keaton plays the best worried mom. I like the girl he's in love with, too. It's fun to see her in something other than a scary movie spoof. This is one of those movie's no one has heard of, but it's perfect to watch when everything else is checked out. A hidden gem is what they'd call it (or at least a hidden nickle or something).

The Jane Austen Book Club

This book is not at all what I expected it would be. I don't know what I was hoping for, but this wasn't quite it. Maybe I need to read more Jane Austen to really understand its meaning. All the ladies seem so snooty about only reading Austen or not moving on to something else after they've read Austen. I imagine that's how they're supposed to be though. I'll have to rent the movie and see how it is.

There was one quote that made me stop and reread. And here it is...Page 228 in my version. "And you know, if it were the other way, if something had happened to Allegra, I wouldn't have to remind myself to be unhappy. I'd be unhappy the rest of my life. Why should unhappiness be so much more powerful than happiness?" There's a question for you. And for that matter, why should worrying be so much stronger than faith or hope.

Snakes on a Plane

My curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to see what it was all about. It was a cheesy start then insane and hilarious to the finish. The acting could have been way better, but I guess the gross factor was supposed to make up for that...well that and the nudity factor combined. The movie wasn't a flop, but I wouldn't give it more than three stars on Amazon...barely that. The thing that makes me not actually hate this movie or feel like I completely wasted my time is my favorite line which is probably everybody's favorite - when Samuel L. Jackson finally declares with his usual badass attitude, "Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother fu**in snakes on this mother fu**in plane!" You gotta see it to believe it...I laughed so hard at that part! That will crack me up for days!

Sex and the City - The Movie

The girls are back! I love Sex and the City! And I love the movie, too! Carrie and Big finally decide to tie the knot, but you know they can't get hitched without something "big" going down.

It was better than I expected it to be. The love, the sex, the laughs, the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the drama, the friendships, the men! It's all so fantastic!

I watched some of the movie with the commentary on after I watched it without, and it really makes you look at the show and the movie in a different way. It's a lot deeper than some people think. It's not just about material things and sex, it's about love and these four great women, how they grow as individuals and as friends. It's about what they mean to each other and to themselves. And it's not always glamorous. But it's oh so fabulous!

Oh, oh, oh! I have to add that the way Big proposed was absolutely perfect! So fitting! It's a total chick flick! See it and love it!

Will & Grace - Season 8

No other show makes me laugh as much. I love this whole season, and the live episodes are so fun to watch. I love seeing the actors crack themselves up and try their hardest not to laugh or smile at the jokes. It's great! I miss this series being on TV. Too bad it went off the air, but thank goodness I can still enjoy the show over and over on DVD. I highly recommend this show, but if you haven't seen it ever then start from the beginning with season one, of course. It only gets better with each season!

My favortie episodes from this season:
Alive and Schticking (Live. The kiss shocked me and put me in stiches!)
Von Trapped (so many great lines in this one)
The Hole Truth
Love is in the Airplane
Bathroom Humor (Live. The gags are fantastic!)
Whatever Happened to Baby Gin? (Josh Lucas guest stars! Woohoo!)

Frasier - The Complete Final Season

I miss Frasier, but it was time for the show to go. They were running out of things to make happen. I'm so glad some of the original writers came back to this show for the last season. The jokes are outstanding and the comedic timing is always perfect. I love the whole cast, and I was sad when the show ended. It's like saying good-bye to a close bunch of friends. I almost have all the seasons now! I've seen them all, but I don't own them all. I love this show and could watch it over and over every day, it's that good!

My favorite episodes this season:
I'm Listening
Guns N' Neuroses (love the way they cover the damage)
High Holidays (so great to see Marty get loose)
The Ann Who Came to Dinner (annoyingly funny)
Boo! (The scares are hilarious!)
Coots and Ladders (good old-fashioned Frasier and Niles adventure)
And Frasier Makes Three
Crock Tales (a look back that could have been done better I think)
Goodnight, Seattle, Part 2

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Hi-freakin-larious! I love Peter. He is such a good guy and didn't deserve to get dumped by Sarah Marshall. But it's a good thing he did or he wouldn't have become himself in the end. I really liked this movie, and I was surprised by that because I usually don't like movies like this. There were one too many penis shots, but that just added to the funny as seeing a penis can be I guess. It was nice to see Mila Kunis in a different type of role from the character she plays on That 70s show.

Anyway, this was a sweet romantic comedy...a very funny comedy. I loved the setting in Hawaii. I want to go there. It looks so inviting.

Oh, and I liked the little Dracula puppet opera even though I think it would have been better if the cast who held the puppets had worn black masks to cover their faces more so they couldn't be seen.

I recommend.


Extradition - the official process by which one nation or state requests and obtains from another nation or state the surrender of a suspected or convicted criminal. Between nation states, extradition is regulated by treaties. Between sub-national regions (for example, the individual states of the U.S.), where extradition is required by law it is more accurately known as rendition. - []

This film was upsetting. An innocent man is basically imprisoned and tortured for info he doesn't possess all because of his name. He's not allowed to call his pregnant wife, and she has no clue what's happened to her husband. The guy would have to be mentally abused beyond repair after that in my opinion. This movie is a real eye opener to how our government abuses its power over people even when they know nothing may come of their little experiments and investigations. They try to squeeze juice out of a nut and then act like they don't know anything when nothing comes of it.

I thought Reese Witherspoon was very good in this film. She definitely does drama well. I'd like to see her in more dramatic roles. And Jake Gyllenhaal...well he's hot, of course, but he wasn't convincing to me as the new CIA kid on the block. He seemed a little out of place. I still enjoyed his performance, though.

The little love tragedy involving the Egyptian teens that was folded into this was so-so. It added a little more drama and suspense on another level, but I didn't really care for that whole story line.

Mainly a dramatic political thriller.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Mama

Hilarious! I got this for my birthday (thanks, Summer!), and I love it. Tina Fey is a gem, and Amy Poehler is equally amusing. I love the two together. And the rest of the cast was perfect, too. Steve Martin is in this, and who doesn't love Steve Martin's comedy?! He's great! I love the part where he rewards Tina Fey's character by giving her five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. Too weirdly funny!

The premise for this film is bittersweet, and the big twist makes the movie's ending so much better. I figured out what was going to happen in the end (too many predictable movies these days), but it was still so wonderful to watch the ending come together. Baby Mama drama has never been so entertaining! Two thumbs up from me!

Definitely, Maybe

Definitely a keeper. I bought this romantic comedy on a whim, and I'm glad I did. It's told from a man's point of view which is a nice change of pace for a chick-type flick. I didn't think Ryan Reynolds would be able to pull off the dad role, but he did it with charm and actually very well. Out of the three leading ladies, I'm glad he chose the one he did. Enjoyable for a date night or just to chillax on your own.

What Happens In Vegas

This was funnier than I thought it would be. I liked the whole cast, especially Ashton Kutcher...of course. I liked his apartment in NY, too. It was made to look like a bachelor pad, but it was kind of homey and had a lot of character. I can't help that I notice things like that. Aside from his apartment, the story was just fun and cute, and, even though you know what will happen after Vegas, it's still a good movie. My favorite part was the running for the appointment montage. And the afterthoughts during the credits were hilarious...seeing them get married and seeing Jason Sudeikis get his lights punched out.

Sydney White

Predictable typical college teen flick. You can tell this was done on a low budget. I didn't like the whole "I'm a dork" thing at the end. That was just annoying. I do like Amanda Bynes, but her acting is the same in most films. That is kind of getting old and on my nerves. I want to see her in something more serious.

Road House 2

I don't know why I even watched this. Just a modern version of the first movie, but this one sucked. Don't waste your time.