Monday, December 1, 2008

The Writing Class - By Jincy Willett

I saw this book sitting on one of the tables at Hastings, and it caught my eye. I wrote it down in my little book of stuff to remember and buy cheaper off the internet later when I have some cash. I found it at McKay's (or Mr.K's if you're Patti and from Oak Ridge). Luckily Angela wanted to read it it's December's book. I started a bit early b/c I've been on a reading kick lately.

I liked it! I had no idea who did it until near the end. There was only a few sentences that gave it away for me. Way to hide it Jincy! Made me want to take a creative writing class but without the whole murder part. I liked how the author wrote short stories from different writers. I've never sat and tried to write like someone else, and I wonder..if someone were to try and write like me, how would they write?

Pick this book up if you like mysteries, writing and don't mind a longer book. Takes a while to read, but it keeps moving. You're never bored. I definitely spent half my Thanksgiving holiday reading this.


angelcakes said...

Dang you read fast! I am glad you posted because I kind of forgot what the December pick was....oops. But now I know so I can get it, too, and read it before the year's end. I'm glad it's good. Now I am excited about it.

angelcakes said...

I picked up your copy, Heather, at McKay's after you turned it in. I'm bringing it back to McKay's tomorrow since I FINALLY finished it. It took me way too long to finish reading. I couldn't get through the middle easily. I tried and tried, and I just got bored for a while. I had to put it down for a couple weeks and come back to it. I don't know why I got bored because the book wasn't boring, it was just a little confusing and weird at times with all the different characters and stories within the story.

I liked it. It was kind of creepy. I could picture Amy all alone in her house with her dog so perfectly. I love the dog's name, Alphonse.

Carla had to be the most annoying character, but I liked her the best because she was so nuts over Amy and everything about Amy. It was sweet in a crazy kind of way. And I never actually suspected her of being the would be too obvious. So that made it easier for me to like her.

The reveal at the end was very good, and I like how the Sniper worked out her alone time with Amy. Very clever indeed.

Aside from the whole mystery, I really like how Amy transformed into a more social being and wasn't as closed off from the world at the end. That made me happy for her.

I wasn't sure I would like this book when I started, but I'm glad I read it.