Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Four Christmases

I love Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn together. They had such good chemistry on screen, and they are just so cute as a couple since she's so short and he's so tall. This movie was funny right from the start with the opening club scene. And I love how happy the two main characters are together. So sweet. A good movie about growing and changing in love. My favorite part was where Vince Vaughn plays Joseph in the church Christmas play and just takes over the whole play and basically becomes like a superstar in a matter of minutes to the church audience. Hilarious!

I laughed so hard through this entire movie, and it kind of helped to get me in the Christmas spirit. Definitely worth the price I paid to see it on the big screen. I think I'll be buying this when it gets released on DVD. Go see it!

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