Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eagle Eye

'You've been activated....if you want to live, you will obey.' Another Big Brother scenario comin' at ya again...this movie was crazy! The technology versus man thing never gets old. Even though the plot of this movie seems far-fetched, it makes you wonder about what our own military could be concocting behind closed doors.

Shia LaBeouf keeps getting hotter and hotter with each new movie. I freaking love seeing him in action flicks. He's so good at being intense and being hot! There were a few tiny holes in the plot that are easily forgettable because it's so good and, hello, it's just a movie. The beginning was kind of unclear, but it made sense after the first hour and a half when that part of the plot was finally explained. The special effects were great, the plot was pretty decent and the action and tension was non-stop. A thrill ride for sure. I would recommend this to sci-fi and action buffs.

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