Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Then She Found Me

A few laughs, a few tears and alot of heart. This movie is about half sad and half happy. It's definitely more of a chick flick, but I think single fathers might appreciate this, too. I rented it because I absolutely love Colin Firth, and I loved him in this movie...he did a very realistic portrayal of a single father on the edge of breaking while caring for two children all on his own. Helen Hunt was wonderful as the main character, April (and as director). She delivered her lines and paced her reactions so well. I am not at the baby fever stage yet of my life, but Hunt really drew me into her character's baby drama. I felt for her and cried when she cried. This is a very touching story. The ending was so sweet and not what I predicted.

Random note - Helen Hunt wasn't that believeable to me as being only 39 years old. I couldn't get over her droopy eyes and cheeks. I still think she's pretty, though, and she has kept her figure up very'll see much of it in this movie if you decide to watch.

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Stace said...

I LOVED this movie