Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Smart

I used to watch this show on Nick at Nite with my dad, and this movie brought back all the memories. Steve Carell was a great choice for Maxwell Smart, and Anne Hathaway is stunning as Agent 99. I was pleasantly surprised at the good chemistry between the two, and I love all their witty banter. I also love Dwayne Johnson so it was nice to see him starring as Agent 23. He's really good with the facial expressions and has great comedic timing. I'm so glad he's more of a regular actor now and not just an acting wrestler. And Alan Arkin is hilarious as the chief. He's an old favorite.

The plot was interesting, the jokes were laugh-out-loud funy, the special effects were good, and I liked all the technology/gadgets. My favorite scene was the little dance competition between Max and Agent 99, and I cracked up at Agent 23's constant bullying of his two fellow goofball field agents. I watched this three times, and every time I cracked up. Definitely worth renting, buying, etc.


HD said...

I loved this movie! I was nervous that it wasn't going to be good or that all the funny stuff was in the previews, but it was great. I love Steve Carell. He's perfect for that part. I love Anne Hathaway too, but the age thing was kind of weird. Yuck. Besides that it was great. I like the Rock better now than when he was a wrestler.

angelcakes said...

I was worried, too, but it was hilarious all the way through! I love the Rock just being himself, Dwayne Johnson - actor. He's so good on screen, and he's hot!