Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mist

Definitely a good monster flick. Very suspenseful and creepy. It's military science gone horribly wrong, or is it really the end of days? You'll think so when you see creatures from another world terrorize the characters in this movie. I would freak out if something happened to me like it did to the people trapped by the mist and what was waiting for them in it. Of course, there are certain monsters lurking inside the store beyond the mist as well....they might even be scarier to some.

The acting could have been better, but the special effects were outstanding, and the blurb on the front cover of the DVD box says this movie has one of the most shocking endings....I don't think it's shocking, I think it's twisted and awful. I still enjoyed the movie, though.

There is a black and white version available, and it is supposed to make the movie even more intense and entertaining as it's like a throwback to the early horror flicks and monster movies. I think I'd like this a lot better in black and white.

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