Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nanny McPhee

What you need is Nanny McPhee!...for a fun-filled, family flick. I watched this on TV today, and I really liked it. It's very colorful and comical and British. And I'm a huge Colin Firth fan as well as a big fan of Emma Thompson so I had to see it. Kelly Macdonald also had a small but key role, and she is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, too.

Cute but naughty children need shaping up? Nanny McPhee is just the woman for the job with her magical walking stick, snaggle-tooth, warts and unibrow. There are lessons learned and loves lost and found in this entertaining movie with it's Happily-Ever-After ending.

I'm glad I watched it. Recommended to all ages.

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HD said...

This movie was too cute! My kind of movie with magical stuff, good lessons for the kiddies and happy endings. Sigh.