Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lost Colony

In the 1500s, colonists on Roanoke Island disappear without a trace. No one knows what happens to them until 6 months later when new colonists (bad actors who can't pull off English accents in a period film to save their lives) come to the island from England and discover everyone missing. Perhaps the previous colonists simply joined other colonies or moved on since there wasn't really evidence of a struggle or bloodshed, but no one really knows what happened to this day. This movie leads you to believe that the previous colonists and the new ones were supposedly haunted by (horribly made CGI) viking ghosts. The new colonists can't leave the island because their ship has gone back to England for supplies, and the Indians across the way from the haunted island won't help the colony because they apparently know better.

My sister and some friends and I rented this for a scary movie girls' night. The movie started out somewhat promising. I usually get freaked out by historical mysteries like these, but, even though this movie was a bit scary at first, it lost steam pretty quickly. The plot wasn't completely horrible, but it sucked overall. I fell asleep on and off during the last half, but I didn't miss much I'm sure. The ending was confusing and much like the rest of the movie, it left much to be desired. Major thumbs down. To quote a fellow Amazon member, Jason Elin, from his review of this movie, "...I suspect the earliest colonists had a sneak peak at this movie's premiere, and the end result was mass-suicide."

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