Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sam's Letters to Jennifer (Audiobook) - James Patterson

Very emotional and heartbreaking. This was such a good listen. James Patterson really knows how to write the sentimental sappy stuff. I cried a lot, and I laughed a little. Anne Heche did a great read as Jennifer. She put a great amount of emotion into her narrating. She made it easy to picture the whole book in my head like a movie.

Jennifer's relationship with Sam was a very close one, and I kind of wish I had that with a grandparent. Sam is the type of grandmother I would like to be when I am older...except without the adultery and secrecy. When her lover was revealed at the end, I was totally surprised. It was a very good twist.

I will definitely listen to this again. I'm so glad I bought it. I wish there was a movie of this book. I hope one gets made soon.

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