Monday, November 3, 2008


I rented this to watch for Halloween. I figured I couldn't miss with a Stephen King thriller. The movie started off strong, and I was really feeling the whole evil hotel room vibe, but halfway through there was the whole fake out escape...I think it lasted too long to get me in the evil hotel room vibe once again when Mike is brought back to the room. And after the room ordeal was all over, the ending just left me shaking my head in disappointment. I really thought there would be a twist and he'd be back in the room for more endless messed up insanity trips. That would have been a good ending.

The freakiest thing about the movie = the weird dude in the green jacket with the messed up hair and the tool. That person was a seriously jacked up character that made me jump repeatedly. Oh, and the crusty dude in the air shaft was pretty scary, too.

John Cusack's acting was really good in this, and I liked seeing him in this more sensitive, vulnerable role. He's also aging well. Samuel L. Jackson - he is good at being bad and mysterious, but ever since Snakes on a Plane I can't help but laugh and remember that famous line he belted out. You know the one. If not, see my Snakes on a Plane post from 10/22/08. Ahahaha!

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