Friday, November 14, 2008

License to Wed

It was cute at best. Very predictable. Funny. A sweet romantic comedy. Sometimes I thought that Mandy Moore's character, Sadie, was a bit too high maintenance and seemed to pull away from Ben (John Krasinski) too much. There were a few moments when I thought there was no way the two would actually still end up together because something about their chemistry was slightly off in my opinion.

Robin Williams, he did what he does best as usual. The child sidekick he had was a bit unusual, though.

A chick flick all around, but I would strongly recommend just renting this and not buying.

I love John Krasinksi. I'm so glad he's doing movies now. He's so nerdy hot!

Oh yeah...I loved the couple's apartment in this movie. It was nice and modern yet comfy and welcoming and really lived-in. I can't help that I notice that stuff. I really liked their furniture.

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