Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - DVD

I rented this because it looked like a good old fashioned romantic love story, and I love Christina Applegate. Also, Johnathan Schaech is pretty hot in the smoldering sense. It was completely romantic and chick-flicky, and I really liked it. It's all about letting go of the past and letting yourself heal to move on in life and love.

The whole movie has kind of an overcast sadness but not in a really depressing way, and that's what made me want to watch till the end because I was sure it had to get better. It was light and humorous in several places...seeing the romance bloom between Suzanne and Matt was nice and sweet. I got attached to them as a couple.

I had a hard time accepting Matt's new love interest because of Matt and Suzanne's relationship, but in the last scene she redeems herself with the last line of the movie which was perfect, "It'll keep." That was the best choice of words for her in that scene. I haven't read the book so I don't know if that was what was said in the book, but it was the perfect ending. I do think the ending was kind of rushed, but it did suit the story.

Recommended for romantics everywhere, and if you read the book then see the movie. I've read reviews that say it's a pretty good version of the story brought to life. I'm going to read the book soon so I can compare.


Stace said...

Adored the book

Anonymous said...

I don't understand "it'll keep"