Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Another good Bond movie. So glad they made him tougher. I like Daniel Craig so much more than the last few Bonds. He's way better. I even kind of like the girls in these latest ones. They actually do something other than just sleep with him. Good action. Good story. I liked this one better than Casino Royale b/c there weren't long drawn out poker scenes. No swimming trunks shots though...Boo! The villians in these last two have had REALLY creepy eyes and stares. Yuck! Freakin' me out. Glad I'm not a spy. It would stress me out to have to decide day to day who I could trust.

Check it out!


angelcakes said...

I'm so jealous that you saw this already!!! I almost saw this movie tonight! My cousin treated me to see The Secret Life of Bees instead. It was excellent, though, so I am glad i saw it. I am definitely going to see Quantum of Solace very soon...even if I have to go alone because I freaking love Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. He's the best one since Sean Connery, and I love that it's more about the action than just pretty characters even though he is a beautiful, delicious double OH! 7. Mmmm! That man is fine!!!

angelcakes said...

I forgot...the villain in Casino Royale was played by Mads Mikkelsen, and he did have that creepy bloody eye which I thought was gross (fake, of course), and he was also in that movie I reviewed a few days ago - After the Wedding - and he's a really good actor...I think he's good looking, too. Just wanted to note that. :)

Stace said...

Going on Thanksging night. Can't wait.

angelcakes said...

Finally saw this yesterday. Freebie from Redbox - I love that thing! Daniel Craig is THE best James Bond to date. He just has it, all around has it - the eyes, the smoldering look, the sexy accent, the nonchalant badassness, the body, etc. He also has heart and isn't always untouchable as far as the action goes, and I love that about these new movies. We get to see the vulnerable side of Bond, and I think that is what makes him easier for us to love because it makes him seem more real and relatable. He's not just a tough guy.

I like this movie just as much as I like Casino Royale. They both have great action, great plot and great supporting cast. I agree with you, Heather, that the girls are even better in these movies because they are involved in the stories and not just there to be eye candy.

Have to note that my favorite humorous part was when Bond refused to stay at the crummy motel even though the redhead said it was the perfect place for their cover as teachers on sabbatical, so he takes her to a four star hotel and says to the guy at the front desk, "...we are teachers on sabbatical, and we just won the lottery." That cracked me up.

I also have to add that I always love the opening credits music. The song this time was performed by Alicia Keyes and the dude from The White Stripes. It was an awesome song.

Too bad there weren't any hot bod shots this time, but I am sure the next movie will compensate. I can't wait for it. I'm sure it will rock.