Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Will & Grace - Season 8

No other show makes me laugh as much. I love this whole season, and the live episodes are so fun to watch. I love seeing the actors crack themselves up and try their hardest not to laugh or smile at the jokes. It's great! I miss this series being on TV. Too bad it went off the air, but thank goodness I can still enjoy the show over and over on DVD. I highly recommend this show, but if you haven't seen it ever then start from the beginning with season one, of course. It only gets better with each season!

My favortie episodes from this season:
Alive and Schticking (Live. The kiss shocked me and put me in stiches!)
Von Trapped (so many great lines in this one)
The Hole Truth
Love is in the Airplane
Bathroom Humor (Live. The gags are fantastic!)
Whatever Happened to Baby Gin? (Josh Lucas guest stars! Woohoo!)