Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playing for Pizza - John Grisham

Excellent book! Good pick, Angel. Actually made me want to watch football, and I kept wishing there was a movie version so I could see the plays. Is there a movie version? I liked all the characters and the story itself. I could have done without all the food descriptions. Those seemed to take up alot of space in the book, but I suppose he was just trying to get across the idea that food is very important in Italy. I might pass this book on to my football loving guy friend who doesn't read much. He'd probably like it.

What's our book for November??

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angelcakes said...

I really liked the story as a whole, but the ending could have been better. I didn't think the girlfriend in the end was a good match for Rick...she was too high maintenance, but Rick did want a cheerleader.

I read most of the book but then listened to the audiobook to finish it, and I really enjoyed hearing all the descriptions about the food, culture and history in Parma and the other places the characters visited in Italy. I think it really added to the story by giving it more dimension than just the football theme. And even though I loved the Italian setting, I also really enjoyed Rick's inner journey as he became not only a better football player but also a better, more appreciative and respectful person and friend to his teammates.

Ya know, I felt like I could picture what was going on the whole time even though the football terms kind of threw me off during the games. I kind of hope this becomes a movie. I bet it would be a great comedy/unlikely hero film.

This is definitely a keeper in my collection. I want to visit Italy so bad now. :)