Monday, July 21, 2008

Breaker's Reef (Cape Refuge Series #4) by Terri Blackstock

So good! This is the last book in the series, but it's the first one I've read. I kind of wish I had started with the first book, but it was a loaner so I took what I got.

Great murder mystery that keeps you guessing till the end with lots of twists and cliff hangers. I loved that it took place in Cape Refuge and Tybee Island because they sound like such cool places. I always love stories with settings near the ocean, though.

Blackstock weaves passages about redemption and God's love into the story really well, and I don't feel like she was pushing religion on me. I like the way her characters have so much heart and hope for others. They just make you feel good. And Blackstock writes everything so clearly, too, so you can visualize the character's motions and emotions and what's going on just like a movie.

This is totally random, but I have to add that I think Cade, the Chief of Police, sounds like a total hunk! Teehee!

I want to read the rest of the series now. You should, too! :)

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