Friday, July 18, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

Angela always wanted me to watch this when we were younger, and I never wanted to b/c it looked boring to me. It was either this one or some other period piece. I can't remember now, but...anyways. It wasn't boring at all. Love the lines. In these movies from Jane Austen's books, you work so hard to get to that one line. They go through all this craziness about whether or not he loves her. Whether he'll marry her or not even if he does love her b/c she's poor. Then he's engaged. The whole time she's trying to be so good and realistic about it. I love at the end when she finds out he's not married, and she freaks out crying. She doesn't care to be proper any more, she's so overwhelmed. And then his lines about his heart being hers. Love it! Hugh Grant cracks me up b/c he's just so dopey looking, but you gotta love all his characters. He looks like our neighbor up the street who's so not like that, but I just can't help myself. Every time I see him I think of our neighbor.

Watch this movie ladies! You won't regret it! :o)


angelcakes said...

This movie is one of my favorite love stories! Jane Austen rocks!

I felt so bad for Eleanor and her inner conflicts with trying to do what is proper instead of giving in to her heart.

It's weird, though, how quickly people used to form "attachments" to each other. It's like Hi, what's your name? Then Bam! Let's get married! Oh I love you so much even though we just met five minutes ago!...It's crazy, but I still love it.

I'd probably be like Marianne myself but maybe not as mean to Eleanor as she was about her feelings. Eleanor was just being her mature self.

Willoughby was hot, and I got so pissed when he turned all snobbish, but he still loved Marianne in the end...too bad he couldn't be like good ole, goofy Eddie and end up with the woman he really wanted. I'm glad that Colonel Brandon got Marianne, though. He was sweet and deserved her.

Oh yes, and the freak out crying thing at the end with Eleanor...loved it. It was so cute, and I'm so glad she finally got to show her true feelings and be happy. Aw.

I could watch this movie over and over again. Good score!

angelcakes said...

Oh, oh, oh! And I forgot one thing, even though Marianne was all huffy to Eleanor at first about not showing her true feelings and saying what she felt, I did like how, towards the ending when all is said and almost done and they're walking together on the hill, she basically says to Eleanor she acted immaturely and how her conduct should have been. She says, "...I compare it with what it ought to have been. I compare it with yours." I thought it was a sweet gesture, and I guess her way of saying thanks for being so cool and not rubbing her misfortune in her face. Way to look up to your big sis, Marianne. It was touching, really.

HD said...

I think she was talking about her grief of losing the one she loved in the end. Not how she acted. At least that's what I thought. She was trying to say hers was nothing compared to Eleanor's.

angelcakes said...

Well she did talk about the love she lost and all that stuff, but she also talked about the way she acted regarding Willoughby and that whole mess, and Eleanor asked her, "Do you compare your conduct with his?" And Marianne replied with, "No. I compare it with what it ought to have been. I compare it with yours." I gathered from that, that she was saying she shouldn't have acted so foolishly about the whole Willoughby situation after she found out about why he left her. If Marianne had conducted herself the way Eleanor would have, she would have accepted the things she couldn't change and not made herself sick over the blaggard. And I thought it was a sisterly gesture of appreciation, etc. - what I commented earlier.

But everyone takes something different away from every story.

I want to watch it again now. :)