Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

This movie was pretty slow and kind of strange. I was disappointed, but I like all the actors. Amy Adams, that girl from Dan In Real Life that his brother ends up with and the old guy. They're all great, but the story was just weird. Amy Adam's character is trying to make some more money so she gets a job cleaning up after people die or kill themselves. Gross! It has funny parts and it ends well, but overall it's just sad. I'll stick to the happy movies.

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Angel said...

I didn't think this movie was slow. It was definitely different, but deep down I think it was just a good old-fashioned finding yourself flick. It was an emotional roller coaster. I almost cried when the girls finally saw their mom and she said her pecan pie line. That was sadly sweet. The ending was good, and I'm glad they got to keep up the cleaning job. I like how Adams' character looked at the cleaning as a way of helping people, even if it was a little morbid. It was helpful, and that is what counts.

Alan Arkin is always a treat, and I really like Emily Blunt so I'm glad she was in this movie. I loved her in The Jane Austen Book Club. Amy Adams is a doll, and I think she was perfectly suited to her role.

I watched the special feature about real crime scene cleaners, and I thought it was entertaining. I like how they compared the movie cleanup scenes to what goes on in real life, and I just think it's so neat that there are people out in the world who really do this type of work. It's kind of interesting, and I can't say I would be opposed to trying it. I just don't think I could actually handle it stomach-wise.