Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Year In Provence

For a short book, this took me forever to read. Another book about another country where they talk about food almost the whole book. It's good, and it's descriptive. But just not that exciting. I guess I'm a story girl, and I like for something to actually happen in the book. Need some conflict to make it good. Or some hidden meaning. Hidden meanings and conflict..conflict that is resolved. That's my type of book.

Sorry for the ramble. This book was great as far as giving you a feel for a place which I imagine was the idea. Made me want to hunt down all these little restaurants and see if they actually exist. Yum! Or made me want to live a year in Provence. Seems like an interesting group of folks.

I recommend this if you want to experience Provence from the mind of an outsider trying to understand how to live like an insider.

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Angel said...

Good review. Travel essays and books are right up my alley, but I guess they aren't for everyone. :)