Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love You, Man

This movie totes magotes! Paul Rudd is cute and hilarious. He plays a sweetheart of a fiance. I loved the first dinner man-date, and the kiss at the end of it was so funny. Peter Segel is great as Sydney...I'm starting to like him more with each movie he does. He was fantastic in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Rashida Jones was a delight to see on the big screen, too. I think she and Paul Rudd had excellent chemistry, and I think it's sweet that her character wanted her fiance to have guy friends. I'm glad Jones is doing movies now, and I'm looking forward to seeing her in a new season of Parks and Recreation.

This movie is hilarious, like I said, but it does have a little of The 40-Year Old Virgin vibe going on...maybe it was all the curse words, but it was not completely gross or hard to watch like that movie was in some parts. I recommend this for good laughs. It's definitely worth a rental, but I'm thinking I might buy it later. I already added it to my bday wishlist on Amazon. :o)


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I am going to have add this to my netflix queue! I love Paul Rudd. :)

Angel said...

He was really great in this movie. I love him, too!

HD said...

Oooh I agree. Paul Rudd is really funny! This movie was great. Not too gross, but funny and sweet. Good mix for a guy/girl choice.