Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D

Cute animated flick. I don't think the 3D element was played up enough in the graphics, though, so I feel like I wasted my money on that. The family theme was played up in this Ice Age. The adult humor was good, but it was still child-friendly. There were a lot of sweet moments, and the action/adventure in the underground dino-world contrasted nicely with the feel-good stuff. I like how the T-Rex befriended Sid, that was cute. The cuteness factor went way off the charts. I did enjoy the movie, but I felt like there was something missing the whole time...not sure what, though.


HD said...

Do you have to pay to see it in 3d? I want to see this one too!

Angel said...

It's like an extra $2.50 I think, and that is why we always go to the matinee showings of 3D ends up being about the cost of an evening ticket. $10 is what we paid at Wynnsong during the day.