Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Christmas Carol 3D

Saw this on Thanksgiving Day after dinner with my oldest and youngest sister. We wanted to get in the Christmas spirit. What better way to do that than by watching a Christmas classic?! This is the Dickens tale we all know and love but with stunning 3D graphics and a Scrooge like no other. Jim Carrey was fantastic as the "humbug" spouting old geezer, Ebeneezer. The ghosts in this version were creepy and weird, although, the ghost/spirit of Christmas past (the floating candle man) cracked me up with his whispers and dancing flame head. His voice reminded me of Will Ferrell.

There were some surprisingly morbid moments in this movie so I definitely wouldn't recommended this to anyone thinking they want to show this to a 5-year old. This is definitely one of the best versions of A Christmas Carol that I've ever seen, but I still rate The Muppet Christmas Carol as my number one just because I love its balance between humor and darkness and the fact that it's a musical...also, I love Muppet movies.

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