Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Made of Honor

Loved it! It's predictable but still so good. Michelle Monaghan plays Hannah, and she has recently become one of my new favorite actresses. Patrick Dempsey is still a fave and sexy as ever...of course! He seriously makes me melt, and his on-screen kissing is perfect. He knows how to deliver with those lips! Whew! As Rachel Ray would say YUMMO! ;o) This is a chick flick, but it's different from most in that the focus is mostly on the leading man as opposed to the leading lady, and he goes through all the trials and obstacles to get what he ultimately wants in the end. I really liked the variation. It is a delightfully sweet and funny film, and I enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. I'll be buying this when it comes out on DVD. Go see it!

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angelcakes said...

I watched it again, and I loved it again! Patrick Dempsey really knows how to kiss! Damn!