Sunday, February 15, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I read the book so the movie was a bit of a disappointment in that the book was chopped somewhat, and I think they kind of combined the first two books of the series to make this one. There was not much character build of anyone really except Becky and partly of Luke, and I didn't feel the bond of friendship between Bex and Suze like I did when I read the book. The shopping aspect was played up well, but in the book, even though Becky comes off as annoying at times, she redeems herself and becomes a loveable character. The movie Becky was certainly cute and very funny and silly (love the fan dance), but I didn't think she became as loveable as she should have been so that the audience would really want to root for her to come out on top. She seemed more crazed and out of control than I remember in the story. Luke Brandon was good, played by Hugh Dancy, and I love Hugh Dancy. I wish the movie had been just like the book (but that never happens much anymore really), so I appreciate it for what it is...I'll still buy the DVD.

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