Friday, February 13, 2009

Coraline 3D

Very amusing and especially entertaining in 3D. I loved the eccentric sisters and the blue Russian performer. I can't remember their names, but they cracked me up - mostly the "other" character versions made me laugh. I thought Teri Hatcher was a great "other" mother...her voice was perfect. Dakota Fanning was a good choice for Coraline, too.

I liked the mystery of the movie, and I even enjoyed the creepy feeling that it gave me. I love most Tim Burton animated features, but this one is not my favorite. I don't think anything will top Nightmare Before Christmas. That one is just too good. I think the songs in that movie are the best, and while this film had some good show pieces, there wasn't enough song and dance for my taste. I did enjoy the hundreds of cute dogs and clever mice, though. They were definitely fun to watch.

I wouldn't say this is a family film for youngsters but teens could handle it.

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