Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Honor Thyself (Audiobook) - Danielle Steel

The only thing I really liked about this audiobook was the narrator's voice. I thought he sounded nice and inviting. He made me want to hear the whole story. The story itself was just like a boring drive in a circle with barely any bumps in the road. I didn't connect with the main character, Carol, and it just seemed like the whole thing was all talk and no action. Yes, there were semi-romantic moments at the end, but I couldn't even get into those because I was imagining a beautiful woman in her 50s getting frenched by a 70-year old grandpa. That's not appealing to me at all. Did Steel write this for the elderly crowd? Probably. It's too calm, aside from the bombing, but even that was calm because Steel left gritty details about it out of the story. Another thing that bothered me was the whole time there was this allusion to some rift between Carol and her daughter, and the story never fully went into that issue. The story just scratched at the surface and was so repetitive about the relationship Carol had with her daughter before the bombing. I kept waiting for some deep dark secret to be revealed and got nothing.

I was entertained on my drives while listening, but I think Steel needs to delve deeper next time and write in more juicy details and mystery or drama.

Thanks for letting me borrow this, Heather. ;o)

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