Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bones - Season 1

I read one of Kathy Reichs's books and liked it a lot. That led to my interest in seeing the TV show, Bones, that is based on Kathy Reichs's life as a forensic anthropologist. The show features Temperance Brennan, the main character in the series book that I read. Emily Deschanel stars as Temperance and David Boreanaz plays FBI Agent Seeley Booth - I think the tension and chemistry between the two main characters is fantastic and really helps to drive the show forward. I also love the dialogue; the witty banter between them is very entertaining.

Unlike other crimes solving-type shows I've watched, the scientific stuff on this show is actually interesting to me, and I feel engaged in all the cases the whole way through each episode. I actually feel like I'm solving the crimes with the characters instead of just watching them do it. It's fun to guess who is guilty and who isn't.

I love the "squints", too. All of the supporting cast is great...T.J. Thyne is so nerdy hot as Hodgins! I think he and Angela, played by Micheala Conlin, hook up later. They are so cute. I hope they do end up together.

I'm officially addicted to the show, and I definitely want to own this series. I absolutely love and can't get enough of it! It just sucked me in - the science, the murders, mysteries, the romance. It's all so good!!!

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