Thursday, February 28, 2008


This movie is something else! Wow! The look of it is so different. The cinematography and everything in this movie was so bold and graphic, and um...whoa...the men in this movie are freaking unbelievable! Muscles galore - talk about some 12 packs! These Spartans were packing some major heat, and I am not talking about their weapons! Whew! The best part about the men - they were all REAL muscle! I watched the extras, and oh my goodness, those men trained and got totally ripped to make this movie... alright maybe not totally ripped, but they got pretty darn cut! Oh, and I love the wardrobe - leather undies and capes! Yeah!

Gerard Butler, once again, proved to be the best part of the movie for me. First of all, he's hot, and I love his eyes. Second, I love how his character respects his wife and gets her permission to kill bad guys. Now that's some hotness right there! His wife was beautiful but tough and equal to the men, and she could totally kick butt, too. I like that Leonidas had such a strong partner. I don't think a weaker woman could've handled him. Lena Headey did a good job in that role.

I didn't really care for Xerxes's freakiness, but I thought he looked cool all gold and covered with chains and stuff. And I also didn't care for his lusty women or the hunchback, but I thought all the ugly creatures and the big animals he had were kind of cool in a weird way. I thought it was so great how even though he was this all-powerful and supposedly immortal god king, he still got hurt. Like Leonidas said, "...even a god king can bleed." It's awesome that his words came true in the end.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and didn't even mind all the blood and killing since the Spartan guys were so gung ho and were fighting for their freedom. I liked how Dilios told the whole story, and it ended very well with him leading the new army but was still kind of sad. I got teary-eyed when he handed the queen back her necklace. I'm a sap. Oh well!

Thanks for loaning this one to me, Heather!


HD said...

You pretty much covered all the highlights. I LOVE this movie. Whew! Ladies pretend like you're renting a movie for your guys and get this one. It's mutually beneficial. Yeah!

angelcakes said...

WOW! Again, I am so glad you let me borrow this. I will be buying this for my birthday present to myself. :o) Love it some more!!!