Monday, February 18, 2008

Fool's Gold

This is exactly what you expect it would be. The best part is, of course, Matthew M. on the beach and shirtless the whole time. It was entertaining. Probably a rental more than a go see it in the theater kind of movie, but it was fun. I definitely feel like I need a beach vacation now though.


Summer said...

I can't wait to see this movie and I am glad to hear that it was a good one! YAY!! Of course I am a huge Matthew M. fan and love just about everything he is in anyway. I also think that Kate Hudson and him are great in movies together.

angelcakes said...

I just heard that Matthew M. apparently does not wear deodorant. I was told that while Katie Hudson was on Oprah talking about them working together, she said she had bought him some deo and asked him to please put it on - but he wouldn't. :o( Not cool, but I guess he probably figures his hotness makes up for that one kind of gross thing. Smelly or not, he's still a yummy feast for my eyes!

angelcakes said...

This movie is totally predictable, but the treasure hunt kept me interested...that and McConaughey's super-hot bod! There's a brief shot of full nudity, but you don't see his front bits just his side and booty from far away. Still, it was nice! ;)

Kate Hudson is a good actress, and she's really funny. She has a way of delivering her lines differently than I think other actresses would...she is more subtle when saying her punch lines, but that makes them even more hilarious.

The movie was fun and quite an adventure, but I would have liked to have seen more of the on screen romance on screen and not hidden behind books or tables or whatever.

I have to add that I do love Mr. McConaughey to pieces, but there is just something about his accent that makes all his characters seem like the same guy in different movies. I would love to hear him try a British accent sometime or even just something more straightforward and plain rather than southern. And I love looking at him, but I would like to see him in a role where he doesn't take his shirt off at all.