Saturday, February 16, 2008

Becoming Jane

I love everything by Jane Austen and was so thrilled when I found out about this movie! It is wonderful despite the bittersweet ending. James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway are so cute together as Tom Lefroy and Jane Austen, and I have to say that James McAvoy looks pretty darn dashing in those old-fashioned duds...yum!

This movie mostly reminds me of Pride & Prejudice, but I got to see who and what probably inspired many of the characters and elements that Ms. Austen wrote about in all of her fantastic novels. It was nice to get a behind-the-scenes kind of look at a crucial time in the author's life. After seeing this movie, I have a greater understanding and appreciation for her work. Excellent movie! Jane Austen fans should all see it!


jsd2c said...

I don't want to see the movie but Ann Hathaway is hot. Just thought you all should know.

HD said...

This movie was so good! Very much like Pride and Prejudice. I almost wonder if the writers stretched it to fit. Makes me want to read a biography of Jane Austen to see if that's what really happened. If it was, it's really cool how she fit the characters of her life into the characters of her books. Great story! Made me want to write again. Love the part when he's like hitting on her in the library. People flirting in old timey language is so funny. They're like really dirty but it sounds pretty so people don't pay attention. hehe.. tricky tricky. Sweet story.

angelcakes said...

I love the library scene, too! That and the dance scene where he shows up out of the blue and she can't quit grinning. It was kind of hot when he had his hand on the small of her back while they were dancing...very sexy and sly indeed.

Now I want to watch it again!!!