Friday, February 1, 2008


This movie was kind of a downer. I don't really know what I was expecting, but it was pretty sad. I liked all the weird camera angles and shots. The casting for Briley was perfect as she kept getting older. They even gave all the ladies her mole for consistency. The story is pretty messed up and you see a soldier's brain while Briley is working as a nurse. Yuck! I don't know how those ladies did that back in the day. Not sure I'd be up for it, but so many of them did it. It's amazing. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. We are pretty lucky. My biggest work worry is that I'll spell something wrong on one of my ads or that people won't be able to find my website.

Overall, good movie. I wouldn't suggest renting it with a bunch of friends over. I can just see people getting up after the movie in silence and going out to their cars to go home. Pick this one up when you're bored some Thursday night and want to see what the fuss was about or when you're stuck alone in Framingham, MA with nothing else to do like me.


angelcakes said...

I just realized James McAvoy is in this. Yay! He's my newest favorite actor! Can't wait to see it!! :)

angelcakes said...

This was such a powerful movie in my opinion. It was so sad, and I cried so much at the end. I cried for Robbie and Cecilia's unfortunate love story, and I cried for Briley living a life spent in regret. It sucks how things turned out, but I don't think you can't really blame Briley for everything because she couldn't maturely grasp the enormity of her small actions as a child. I know she was jealous of Robbie and Celia's love, and she passed judgement too quickly. Of course, if Robbie hadn't been so foolish things wouldn't have gone the way they did in the first place, but still...he didn't even get a chance to explain his actions which really pissed me off. It was just frustrating and depressing all around, but it was still a good movie.

I love James McAvoy, and Keira Knightley is a great actress, but I don't like her skeleton-ish figure in this film (it suits the period dresses, though). Romola Garai plays Briley at 18, and I just love Romola. I think she's a great actress with an interesting look, and she was so good in I Capture The Castle and Daniel Deronda - both great movies as well. It was a nice treat to see her in this (even with the fake mole).

I agree with Heather, don't rent with friends expecting to have a good time.