Sunday, April 13, 2008

August Rush

Sweet, sweet family/love story. I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Keri Russell is growing on me more and more with each new movie. Robin Williams was alright, but I prefer his comedic roles. Terrence Howard was in this, too, and I have really grown to like him as well. He was excellent in Hustle & Flow. Freddie Highmore did an incredible job as Evan/August. What a talented kid. I would love to be a musical genius like the one he portrays. Some of the movie was a little far fetched, but maybe not...there are a lot of child prodigies out there these days. It could happen. I really enjoyed the music. It was different and infectious. I knew the movie would end well, but I was hoping for a better wrap up between Lyla and Louis. Oh well. Still good.

Summer watched this with me, Heather, and she, unlike me, bawled like a baby. Sorry, Summer, but, Heather, you should be proud of me...I really don't think I even broke a tear. My eyes welled up, sure, but I don't recall one tear rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't believe it because this was a tear jerker. I think I finally got back the control over my emotions.


Summer said...

I really liked this movie a lot!! Even though it made me cry like a baby it was a good cry. I am just becoming an emotional train wreck as I get older I guess. Haha!

angelcakes said...

Aw. Good cries are good. I was actually hoping for one myself during the movie, but nothing happened...maybe my tear ducts were running a little low that night. You're not a train wreck, Summer. You just have a lot of feelings. :)