Saturday, April 12, 2008

Looking For Alaska - John Green

Patti Pancake already commented on this book in another post, but it was so long ago I thought I would start a new one...

At first I didn't like the book much. I feel like they cuss a lot for a young adult book, but I suppose lots of young adults cuss pretty frequently so it was realistic. Patti had written that it had a lot of theories about life and philosophy or things like that, and I didn't see it until near the end. It had some great one liners. My favorite...Page 88 - "...thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane." What weather would you be? I wouldn't say I'm drizzle. Definitely not a hurricane. Ideally, I would be that one stream of sunlight that pokes through the clouds after it rains or that one ray that hits the spot on the floor exactly where you (or more likely the dogs) are sitting and gives just the right amount of warmth.

Another good thought. They said that anything that comes together must eventually come apart. Then they referenced memories. How true! I was thinking how many people we don't even remember in our own families. I don't even know the name of my great grandmothers. That's only 3 generations away from me! Craziness. I guess you could look at that in a negative way saying that life is fleeting or unimportant or meaningless. To me, that just kind of shows how much more important whatever there And that you should enjoy things while you've got them. Live in the moment sort of stuff. But now we're getting a little cheesy and over quoted, but I guess it's true.

So those are my thoughts on this book. I do recommend it to make you think and for a quick read. Not a very cheery book, which is my usual preference, but I'm happy I spent the time on it.

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