Thursday, April 17, 2008

Knocked Up

This movie reminded me of Fools Rush In because it's the same kind of premise, but they were two very different movies so I can't really compare. I always like movies where the main characters get together kind of by accident and end up being perfect for each other. I like the fact that, at first, the main characters don't seem like two people you would normally see together, but then you realize they are in the end. The only thing I didn't take to so much was Ben and his friends getting high all the time, but Ben changed in the end and that was good. I guess there had to be an extreme there to show how much he matured throughout the film. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann cracked me up as usual. I wasn't sure if I would like Katherine Heigl on the big screen, but she did well. I loved seeing Kristin Wiig from SNL. She's great!

Good movie.

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Stace said...

Don't care for the title, but really liked the movie