Monday, March 31, 2008

No Country for Old Men

Good movie, but I didn't like seeing the cattle gun used as a weapon. It was awful, but it added so much to the horror aspect of Javier Bardem's character, Anton Chigurh - a creepy, slow-moving, freaky criminal. I like his coin toss theories. Tommy Lee Jones could have been Sherriff Bell if he hadn't become an actor. He was born to play that role. The Sherriff really grows on you. I was rooting for him to save the day. I wish his ending could have been better. Josh Brolin played a pretty smart character, and I liked watching him anticipate his next moves. I love that his character decided to go after Chigurh instead of just be chased. The rest of the cast was perfectly chosen as well.

It was a great chase with good horror and a lot of suspense. It's pretty cool how much tension there was considering that I don't recall ever hearing any scary music the whole time. I would watch it again.

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