Sunday, March 9, 2008

Second Chance - Jane Green

This book was good, but it was a bummer. It's all about this group of people who were friends in high school, and they lose touch only to be reunited when one of the group dies in a crash. The main character is a lady who is unhappy in her marriage b/c her husband is a jerk, and she spends the whole book either being treated badly or deciding whether she wants to leave him or not. I feel like there is an overwhelming amount of sad in this book and not enough empowering life is good moments. Maybe that's just me being Pollyanna-ish, but I like to read happier fiction than this. Oh well.. maybe I've just run my course with Jane Green books. I liked them when I started with Jemima J., but the ones I read after that were just kind of downers. It was a quick read though. About 4 lunch breaks and an afternoon of reading was all it took.

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angelcakes said...

I haven't read this one and am not sure if I ever will. I kind of feel the same way...after I read Jemima J. they kind of went downhill for me. I liked Straight Talking, but it was pretty bland and depressing in the middle even though it ended well. I couldn't get into Bookends. Babyville was ok, but I listened to it, and I never finished Mr. Maybe...but it was pretty darn steamy in the middle which was a nice change. I might try her books again someday.