Saturday, March 1, 2008


This movie is exactly why I don't ever want to stay at a seedy, side-of-the-road motel. I know not every one of them is the setting for snuff films and murders, but I would rather just stay at a nice hotel chain that accomodates lots of guests on a regular basis. Anyway, it was definitely intense and had me shaking the whole time because I couldn't tell where the killers would come from. I didn't like the cameras in the vents. The idea of that creeps me out, and now I'm always looking at my vents. I know there aren't cameras behind them but still. I enjoyed seeing Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale on screen together. They acted well at being scared. I don't think I could do it...I would probably be really scared, even if it was fake. The movie was satisfying, but I kind of expected there to be more to the ending. Thanks for watching it with me, Summer!

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