Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost French: Love and a New Life in Paris - Sarah Turnbull

Just finished our April book last night. I think it was our April book. Whatever it was, I just finished. I have to say this book was very cool to read after just being to Paris. I knew alot of the places she was talking about and had a better perspective on everything. Even if I was just an American tourist. :o) I can honestly say I wouldn't have eaten the things she ate with such enthusiasm. I might have tried, but they've got some rough looking stuff over there.

I liked the book, but it was probably much more fun to live than to read about. I like that it was someone's story. I always wonder how people remember that much about everything in that order. Surely she had a journal or something during this time. It would be hard to remember the details of everything.

I love when she told the guy off in the bakery! Too funny. And I love that she put Maddie on the back of the book in her author photo.

I could have done without all the food descriptions, but maybe that's a French thing since she talks about it so much in the book. How detailed they are about food. I found myself reading quickly through those parts to get to the mess-ups and action of the story. That's how Playing For Pizza was too! Maybe it's a European thing. Describing food just doesn't do it for me. I'd rather try it out myself.

Cute book. Glad I read it but probably wouldn't pick it up again. I would recommend it for Americans about to take a trip to Paris. You could probably finish it on the ridiculously long plane ride over, and you'd be all pumped to take on the city then.


Angel said...

Nice review. :o)

Angel said...

I agree that it probably was much more fun to live this book. I enjoyed the first half of the book just fine, and it kind of got a little boring in the middle but picked up again in the last few chapters. I was tempted to skim over pages of food description like you, Heather.

I like that Frederic is a constant throughout the book. I was worried he would get lost in there, but she stuck true to the book's title. I would have liked to have read more intimate details about him and their relationship rather than just the tidbits of conversation and discussion about the French and their ways. I'm glad she talked about their wedding. That was the best part of the book, and it was sweet.

Two things that bothered me about the author's writing style: The first, she seemed a bit inconsistent, she was all over the place in some chapters skipping around to different subjects without good flow or transition. Second is the fact that she used the word "Gallic" quite alot. I was like, enough with Gallic already. I must have seen it on every other page sometimes. Her writing style isn't the best, but she did what she set out to do and told us a story of her love and new life in Paris. And she definitely made me want to visit...and get a dog. ;o)