Saturday, May 30, 2009

Killer Weekend - Ridley Pearson

Picked up the hardback at McKay's for six bucks. Definitely worth the price, but I had credit to use. :)

This is the first Ridley Pearson book I've read, and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of James Patterson's books because the chapters were so short and the story was very fast-paced. Pearson's writing style is also very similar to Patterson's, but I think Pearson's language is a little bit more complex.

It's mainly a story about an underdog Sheriff, Walt Fleming, in a small town trying to protect the Attorney General, Liz Shaler, (whose life he saved eight years prior) from being assassinated at a conference where she plans to announce her candidacy for President. It all takes place in one weekend, and the killer's plot for assassinating the AG is pretty unique and kind of disturbing. There is also another side plot going on throughout the whole story involving some elite characters and a cougar. Yes, a cougar.

This was a good page-turner. I was a little confused in the beginning, though, because several characters were introduced at once so it took me a few chapters to get them all straightened out with their corresponding story lines. I pressed on, and I finished the book in about two days. It's a very fast, entertaining read but a little on the light side for being a suspense/thriller, but there are enough surprise moments that make up for that lightness. This would probably be a good beach read or something for the car or on the plane during a trip.

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