Monday, May 25, 2009

Jane Austen in Scarsdale - Paula Marantz Cohen

Add this one to the long list of books that I'm glad I read but probably won't pick up again. It's quick to read and has an interesting little story, but I wish there were more details in this one. Yes, yes, I know. I whine when there are too many details, and I whine when there are too few. This one had a great little lost romance story line going, but it finished up too quickly at the end. Give us more of that greatness! Paula built up the awkwardness and longing enough but then just barely gave us a consolation for reading it through.

I loved all the individual characters of the high school students and would have also liked to see more of them. Maybe a postlude a few years later with letters from the formerly crazy parents writing about how great their students were doing now that they were in the right school?

Anyways...I might look for more her in "Jane Austen in"....wherever series. It worked out well for a fast book while riding to New York state to see a wedding this weekend.


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Angel said...

I checked out the excerpt on Amazon, and I think I have looked at this before as a potential read. It sounds like a cute story. Maybe I will try it sometime. How was NY and the wedding?