Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In The Electric Mist

It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great. I have become a big Tommy Lee Jones fan over the past few years, and I enjoyed his acting in this murder mystery/ghost whatever it was.... I thought John Goodman was a little on the sloppy side with his portrayal of "Baby Feet Balboni" (hilarious mob boss name, btw), Peter Sarsgaard was kind of funny and did an OK job. I was confused by his actual role in the movie. I mean, I know he helped to move the plot along alot, but he was drunk more than half the time, which was so annoying, and I couldn't understand what he was saying sometimes. I will say that Mary Steenburgen was a nice surprise. I think she's a wonderful presence in any film. The rest of the cast was only so-so with their acting, definitely not up to par with Mr. Jones.

The story was entertaining despite being confusing, and maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the actual book first. I don't know...I think the producers were trying too hard. I got the gist of all the story lines, but I think this could have been done better and neater. Glad it was only a dollar rental.

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