Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels & Demons

First off, it was interesting to see Tom Hanks in a speedo. I'm glad we got to see the normal side of his character, and I'm so glad his hair was not long in this movie because that was just an odd look for him in DaVinci Code. As per usual, Hanks did a great job in this film. He's got Robert Langdon down.

OK, I know he is the bad guy, but I especially enjoyed Ewan McGregor in this movie. His portrayal as the Camerlengo was perfect. He was so believable, and his transition from light to dark was very smooth. I haven't read the book in so long, and I almost cried when he went up in the helicopter with the antimatter, so, at the twist in the end, I was just as blown away as other audience members. I love that surprise element!

Now, I don't remember it, but I thought there was a bit of romance between Vittoria and Robert in the book. I didn't mind that nothing happened between the two in the movie because I was more interested in good defeating evil the whole time. I don't think that it would have fit very well into the movie anyway.

The only disappointment was the original fax in the beginning...I was hoping to see the one of the CERN guy's branded chest instead of just the plain word Illuminati on a piece of paper, but I guess Ron Howard wanted to keep the story moving forward without too much backstory, which is understandable.

Overall - Fantastic film! 5 stars! I actually think this movie is better than the book! The whole movie is action-packed and suspenseful, and I was even kind of scared during a few moments. All the historical information and ceremonial details were revealed and explained perfectly, and the artwork was very well incorporated. The setting was magnificent, and the graphics were also pleasing to the eye. The music and cinematography was wonderful, and I really like that the same music from DaVinci Code was used for this film. Ron Howard is an excellent director and should definitely be praised for this film. I enjoyed this movie ten times more than DaVinci Code, and that was my favorite of the two books. Angels & Demons is now my number one!

I was entertained by every second of this film and want to go see it again. I will definitely be buying this when it comes out on DVD!


Angel said...

I'm reading the book again now. I skimmed it before the movie, but I'm going back and reading the whole thing. I want to go see the movie again after I finish, too. I loved it!

HD said...

WHAT??? Girl you need to read the book again. This movie DOES NOT do it justice. There was tons left out, and Tom Hanks was way too 2nd grade about stuff. OH LOOK WHAT'S THAT A PENTAGRAM??..duh... The book was way more mysterious and let the reader actually think about things rather than spelling every little thing out at rapid speed. It was okay, and I was glad that they did the cardinals just like in the book. It was nasty looking, but that's how it was written. I think They should have gotten someone else to play Robert Langdon. Tom Hanks is too..Tom Hanks. I missed the little bit of romance, and I missed the whole CERN plot line with the Professor X type guy in the wheelchair. I was bummed that Ewan was the bad guy. He's just too cute to be bad. In the book Robert's in the helicopter too and saves himself with like a scrap of paper or something crazy like that. Read the book again and then post again. Angels and Demons - worth watching if you haven't read the book lately, but not so much if you just read it and can't get past all the awesome stuff they left out.

Angel said...

I know there was a bunch left out, and that does tend to ruin things for people who read the books, but I guess I like to judge movies on their own sometimes. Since I haven't officially read the book in a while, I do think the movie is awesome for what it is. Maybe I should not have said it was better than the book since I haven't officially re-read it...I do remember all the different story lines, though, and I don't think Tom Hanks was 2nd grader-ish. I mean, he had to say those things because how else are you going to reveal what's going on without some simple explanation with dialogue. I think they made the movie for everyone, not just for book fans. They might have dumbed it down a little, but I still think it was a great movie overall.

I'm reading it again, and there will be more words.