Saturday, May 30, 2009

New In Town

Really liked it. It was almost like one of those cozy novels you pick up to keep you warm by the fire during winter. The Minnesota accents were too cute, and I loved the scrappers. They made me want to start scrapbooking myself. Harry Connick Jr. was perfect as the rugged handsome Ted, and he and Renee Zellweger had great chemistry. I'm not a huge Zellweger fan, but I think she was perfect as headstrong businesswoman, Lucy Hill. I especially loved the crow hunting excursion when Ted just about flipped Lucy upside down trying to help her get her zipper unstuck on her jumpsuit.

It's a predictable movie, but predictable can be a good thing during uncertain times like now. I like that there are some movies out there we can depend on for a good laugh, a good cry or just pure fun.

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HD said...

I liked this movie too. I think it was based off this book we read Angela. I'm pretty sure I've read one about a lady who moves to Alaska or something and similar things happen. I'm not a big Harry C. fan, but it was good. And I love community getting together movies. Welcome to Mooseport is like that.