Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Tale of Despereaux

The animation was definitely up to par with movies like Shrek and Monsters, Inc.

Aw, I thought Desperaux was the cutest with his big Dumbo-like ears. My heart went out to Roscuro the rat, though. He fell into such a dark hole (literally and figuratively), and all he wanted to do was make things right again. He's the real hero in my opinion. Yes, he had a downfall, but every hero gets lost once in a while.

I thought the three different worlds were interesting - Mouesworld, Ratworld and the human world - the plot that unfolds between them never lagged. Although, the soup story was kind of a weird way to start off, but it's suitable for youngsters and fits in with the G rating. I did think that for a G-rated film there were several moments that might waver on the scary side for small children, but there wasn't any bloodshed shown and the dramatic fight scenes weren't too harsh and didn't last long.

Overall, well done with likable characters, an engaging tale, and the moral of forgiveness shines brightly at the end. I'm glad I watched.

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HD said...

This movie was so cute! I love that he's tiny and not scared, and all the characters are really sweet.

I thought it ended well but pretty abruptly. Seems like they just kind of ran out of time.

The big cat was scary!!!!