Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love Happens

I watched this a few months ago. Getting caught up on reviews here.

I thought this was a bit slow at times, but it was sweet and sad. You can't expect sad movies to move too quickly or else you lose the sad quality. This appeared to be more of a romance from the trailers, but the movie focused mostly on Eckhart's character dealing with personal tragedy. I admit I shed a few tears for the poor guy and his situation.

Thankfully the slow, budding romance between the two main characters eventually blooms and there is enough interaction between them to balance out the unhappy moments and even induce a bit of laughter and a few "aw" moments.

Aside from what the movie is about, I think the gray Seattle setting was an appropriate backdrop, sometimes adding to the depressing state of things. I enjoyed the sweetness of the flower shop and the VW van that Aniston's character drove, and her house and garden were just adorable and refreshing. All that lightness around her balanced out the darkness with which Eckhart's character was surrounded for most of the movie.

Good for a rental or when you just want to cry and then feel better about life again.

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